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Save the time effort and frustration of haphazard learning – don’t be distracted by random pattern tying - systematically learn the core skills and tie any mainstream pattern.

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Dave Wilson has received fly tying awards at both National and International level, but most importantly over the decades Dave has taught some hundreds of fly tiers on Zoom and in face-to-face Club group sessions using a skills-based approach. Your learning is assured.

Dave is a life member of the Sydney Fly Rodders Club (Australia's largest) for services to fly-tying and is a qualified Trainer/Assessor under the Australian Vocational Education Training system.

Mounting a Parachute Hackle is a core skill used across many patterns

Tested and Proven Course Structure

Patterns have been carefully selected and used only as learning vehicles or mannequins upon which to hang skills. The course introduces each CORE SKILL in a logical sequence and systematically works through all 20 CORE SKILLS across 8 patterns.

This course structure has worked well with face to face groups and 1:1 online.

This course is about learning skills not tying random patterns!

Over 1.5 hours of well explained video.

Macro images to enable you to see close up detail.

Downloads of comprehensive Course Notes and Slide Stacks